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Cloud 2.0 Programme

If you are a strategist or decision maker engaged in implementing or evaluating Cloud services, we'd very much value your input to our new Cloud 2.0 Programme here.

Building on several years of ground-breaking Telco 2.0 research into cloud services (see listing below), we are initiating the Cloud 2.0 Programme, a set of activities that bring together leading thinking, practice and senior practitioners from telecoms operators, technology companies, and other industry facilitators.

Its goal is to accelerate the adoption of cloud services by telecoms operators both as a means to transform and develop operational agility and to provide external enterprise cloud propositions. The programme will be lead by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (formerly Head of Cloud at Vodafone), and will comprise a stream of dedicated research reports, sessions at our executive brainstorms, and other networking and information sharing activities.

If you'd like to input to the agenda and design of the programme overall, please take 5 minutes to input to our online research here, as we are collecting feedback on our plans, or contact us directly at We will also be covering cloud at Digital Asia 2014, 2-4 December, Bali, and at OnFuture brainstorms in Arabia, Europe and the Americas.

Cloud 2.0 Programme Chart

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