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Digital Transformation

Building the agile. low cost transaction platform required to sustain the telecoms industry, and strategies for developing and delivering new digital services.

Please see below for current content, and also the Telco 2.0 Transformation Index.  For future content please see here.

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  Why closing Telefonica Digital should make Telefonica more digital (and innovative)
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Technology Survey
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Understanding Telefonica's Markets and Market Position
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Benefits, Products, Packages and Pricing
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Methodology and Approach
  SAP Strategy Profile: Enabling Telcos to Operate at ‘Internet Speed’
  Customer Experience 2.0: The IT Department's view of Telco 2.0 (Vodafone Presentation)
  Customer Experience 2.0: Back to the Future of Voice (BT Presentation)
  Customer Experience 2.0: Delivering the Product Experience (Tribold Presentation)
  Customer Experience 2.0: Learning from Amazon? (STL Presentation)
  Strategy 2.0: The Six Key Telco 2.0 Opportunities
  New Business Models: Half Future Telco Growth
  The Roadmap to New Telco 2.0 Business Models
  $Multi-Billion Telco 2.0 Growth Opportunities in North America: Can Telcos Act in Time?
  New Strategy Report: Telco 2.0 Case Directory - 5 'Use Cases', 10 Case Studies
  Can Telcos Unlock the Value of their Consumer Data?
  Consumer Data and Privacy 2.0: Give Customers the Power
  Dealing with the Wireless Data Explosion
  Pilot 2.0 - How to trial new Telco 2.0 business models (Part 1)
  Technical Architecture 2.0 - On-Demand Networks & OSS-BSS, User Profiles, Enabling Services
  Retail Services 2.0 - 'Supermarket' Strategy Not Enough
  The Digital Generation: Introducing the Participation Imperative Framework
  Credit Crunch Update (Part 7): If Telcos Don’t, Cisco Will
  Transactions: telcos’ future in one word
  BT and Ribbit's evolving platform strategy
  Verizon Wireless’ volte-face: Virtue or Vice?
  Beyond bundling: the future of broadband