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Telco 2.0 Research Agenda: New Business Models and Growth Opportunities in a Hyper-Connected World

This page summarises:

  • The overall scope of the Telco 2.0 Initiative's research agenda for 2013
  • Upcoming Telco 2.0 Strategy Reports (current Strategy Reports here)
  • Sample of planned reports in the Executive Briefing Service (current Briefing Reports here)
  • Our topic 'watch-list' of detailed research areas

NB. This overview is a guide as the content schedule continually develops. We will keep our schedule up to date online via this page and our communications with clients.

You can also catch up with us in person, and discuss progress on the ongoing activities via our Executive Brainstorm Programme here.

This page was last updated on 8th February 2013 (Please email for more information).

Telco 2.0 Research - Overall Scope

Telco 2.0's Research Agenda is designed to address all factors that can impact on telco / communications related business models, and in particular those that can be useful in business model innovation.

A Framework for Business Model Analysis

Forthcoming Strategy Reports

The 150+ page Telco 2.0 Strategy Reports address key issues in-depth on core communications related business models. The upcoming reports are listed below, while current reports can be found here.

  • "Benchmarking Telco 2.0 Strategy and Operations: lessons from the Global leaders" (2013) Many telcos are experimenting with or implementing Telco 2.0 strategies. What are the opportunities and the key steps? What's working, what do we think will work, and what does good look like in our view? In this major study we will benchmark 6-10 global telcos and highlight key lessons for telcos, vendors, and other players.
  • "Voice & Messaging 2.0: what is the future for telcos? - optimising revenues, staying relevant, and building new services" (2013) This report develops a new strategic framework for looking at voice and messaging from a telco point of view. What are the trends, where are the future sources of value – and how can operators maintain relevance and revenues? The report will develop a range of scenarios and options – including the use of bundling; operators developing their own Telco-OTT apps; and exploitation of new standards such as RCS and VoLTE. It will examine whether operators should act collectively or alone, and the organisational and technical challenges involved in extending voice beyond the 100-year old “phone call” to new and richer forms of personal communication.

[NB Strategy Reports are purchased individually and are not included in the Telco 2.0 Executive Briefing Subscription Service.
For further information or to pre-order please call +44 (0) 207 247 5003 or email]

Sample of planned reports in the Executive Briefings Service

This is a small sample of topics for the planned c.10-50 page reports covering key topics and companies that will be available via the Subscription Service. We recommend that you look at our current reports here to see a comprehensive selection of typical titles. We publish c.30 reports per year and our topic plan is regularly updated. For more details or to feedback or input, please contact your Telco 2.0 Account Manager or email

  • Strategy 2.0: more on developing and implementing Telco 2.0 strategies
  • Adjacent Players 2.0: updates on Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, Skype and other 'OTT' strategies
  • Voice & Messaging 2.0: new operator strategies
  • Cloud 2.0: ongoing telco strategy case studies
  • Customer Experience 2.0: a '2.0' framework for analysing Customer Experience
  • Digital-Commerce 2.0: where's the money in m-commerce, advertising, etc.?
  • Digital Entertainment: what needs to happen to make Digital Lockers work?
  • M2M 2.0: how can telcos really share in the value generated?
  • Devices, Apps & Appstores 2.0: further analysis of Nokia, RIM, Samsung, Sony, HTC etc.


Telco 2.0's Topic 'Watch List' - Detailed Research Focus

In addition to the sample of planned reports listed on this page, the following are topics on which we keep a ‘watching brief' for developments of interest. We welcome comments and further suggestions either on this page or via

In broad terms, we look at factors that impact the five main areas of business model development (see diagram above):

  • The Market - new customer needs, new applications and services
  • Service Offerings, Value Propositions and Competition, both in-market and adjacent
  • Technologies and Enablers that disrupt, open or change the business model, both external and internal
  • The Value Network, including both potential partners and in-house activities such as organisational structure
  • Finances and Stakeholders' Interests - deals, M&A, regulation, Government initiatives etc.

The following table shows example topics under each area:



Telecoms Operators

1.    Market                           

New Customer Needs
New Applications
The Digital Generation
Media Sector
Energy Sector
Health Sector
Customer Services / Logistics
IT Community
Content Distribution
Mobile Advertising
Digital Cash / Mobile Money
Personal Data
Cloud Services
Apps and Appstores, Augmented
Communications Enabled Business Processes

2.    Service Offerings, Value Propositions and Competitors

Adjacent Player Analysis
Competitors and Case Studies
Skype, Voicesage
Twitter, QQ,
Telenor MobilBedriffsnet
New Mobile Broadband Business Models
New Voice Applications
Machine-to-Machine (M2M)

3.    Technology & Enablers

External Technologies
Telco Technologies
So-called "OTT", other wireless,
Augmented Reality, HTML5, NFC, Chrome OS, etc.

Wireless Network Economics
BSS / OSS: enabling Telco 2.0
LTE, IMS, RCS-e, Femtocells, WiFi, Fibre TTX, Asterisk, DPI, 3G Modules, 4G. Policy Management, Network Optimsiation.
Devices / OS: iOS, Android, Windows, eReaders, tablets, smartphones, Smart TVs, etc.
API s and Enablers

4.    Value Network

Vendors and Partners
Internal Strategy
Network / BSS / OSS,  e.g. Amdocs, Ericsson, Huawei, etc
Devices and OSs, e.g. Apple, RIM, Nokia, LG, Sony-Ericsson
Vendor managed technologies

BSS / OSS Implementation
Business Transformation

5.    Finances and Stakeholder Interests

Key Topics

Shareholder Value
National Transition

For further information please call +44 (0) 207 247 5003 or email