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To give an introduction to the principles of Telco 2.0 and digital business model innovation we offer for download a selection of free Telco 2.0 Briefing reports and a growing collection of what we think are the best 3rd party 'white papers'.

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To access these reports you will need to become a Foundation 2.0 member. To do this, use the promotional code FOUNDATION2 in the box provided on the sign-up page here. NB By signing up to the service you give consent to us passing your contact details to the owners / creators of any 3rd party reports you download.

Your Foundation 2.0 member details will allow you to access only the following reports. To access reports from the full Telco 2.0 Executive Briefing service please email or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

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  Connecting Brands with Customers: How leading operators are building sustainable advertising businesses
  Mobile app latency in Europe: French operators lead; Italian & Spanish lag
  Fast-Tracking Operator Plans to Win in the $5bn Location Insights Market
  Telco 2.0: The $50bn Enterprise Mobility Opportunity: What's stopping telcos winning 500% more business?
  Telco 1.0: Death Slide Starts in Europe
  Telco 2.0: The $50bn Enterprise Mobility Opportunity: four steps for telcos to take today
  Cloud 2.0: Securing Trust to Survive the ‘One-In-Five’ CSP Shake-Out
  Telco Opportunities in the 'New Mobile Web'?
  Telco 2.0: Making Money from Location Insights
  Cloud 2.0: Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) vs. Software Defined Networking (SDN)
  Mobile Commerce: MEF Global Survey Results
  Big Data: How Personal Clouds and ‘VRM’ will revolutionise Customer Relationships
  Telco 2.0: how to accelerate the implementation of new business models
  Silicon Valley 2012 Overview Report: the money's moving, but are telcos?
  SAP Strategy Profile: Enabling Telcos to Operate at ‘Internet Speed’
  How to Spot a "Business Model Problem"
  The value of "Smart Pipes" to mobile network operators
  Vodafone CIO: 2012 a big year for customer data, analytics, and M-Commerce
  M-Commerce 2.0: Intro to M-Commerce (STL Partners Presentation)
  Cloud 2.0: What are the Telco Opportunities?
  Aligning M2M with Telco 2.0 Strategies
  Net Neutrality 2.0: Don't Block the Pipe, Lubricate the Market
  Entertainment 2.0: New Sources of Revenue for Telcos?
  Mobile & Fixed Broadband Business Models: Four Strategy Scenarios
  Voice & Messaging 2.0: New API Use Cases
  Amazon 2.0: Four Levels of Strategic Business Model Transformation
  Introducing Two-Sided Markets: A Template For Future Growth In Telecoms?
  A New Role for Telcos in the Digital Economy
  Introductory Slideshow: Two-Sided Telecoms Business Models