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Future of the Network

New Technologies, New Processes, New Revenues

The Future of the Network stream delivers ongoing research focused on the case for future investments in the network to drive new revenues, and key disruptive forces acting on it including technologies (5G, WiFi, Fttx, LoRa, etc), regulation, spectrum, etc.

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The stream addresses two key questions for forward network strategies (for e.g. 4G/5G, FTTx, WiFi, SDN/NFV, IoT networks, etc.).

  • What is the business case for future investment in the network?

  • What are the disruptive forces acting on the network?.

Delivering timely independent insight to the most important issues and identifying the key issues and actions for telcos/CSPs, their partners, and the wider TMT ecosystem, the Future of the Network Stream brings the latest thinking, expert analysis and real world examples, and comprises:

  • c.10 new 10-50 page premium Executive Briefings issued throughout the year to keep you fully briefed on the very latest in thinking and industry practice (agenda here)
  • A searchable database of c.30 Telco 2.0 research and analysis reports listed below.
  • Access to Telco 2.0™ analyst support so that you can validate assumptions / discuss key thoughts and options.

Please see below for current content, here for the agenda, and contact us at to find out more.

New Content (Use "Search" or "more articles" to find more)

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