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New Sources of Value in the Business Sector

Ongoing analysis of leading thinking, and real world telco examples on how telcos can serve the needs of enterprise and other business ICT customers, and how partners can work with them for mutual benefit.

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The programme is led by Alexandra Rehak, and supported by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (formerly Head of Cloud at Vodafone), supports both telcos/CSPs and their partners, and comprises:

  • A stream of c.10 new briefing reports a year (examples here) including strategy reports, case studies and vertical innovation reports.  Focus areas are cloud, digital strategies for enterprise verticals, and enterprise M2M/IoT strategies 
  • A searchable existing database including the 150 page strategy report Cloud 2.0: Telco Strategies in the Cloud and 30 further executive briefings and presentations (see below)
  • Sessions at our executive brainstorms, and other networking and information sharing activities.

Our digital enterprise strategies analysts attend all major industry events including Mobile World Congress, as well as our exclusive STL Partners events. To schedule a meeting, input to the agenda or find out more about how to subscribe, please contact us directly at . 


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