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Dealing with Disruption

Staying Relevant in Content, Commerce and Communications

The Dealing with Disruption stream covers strategies, case studies, and lessons for innovation and defence from all markets. It is a service for players in the converging communications, commerce and content services arenas, and particularly telecoms operators seeking to remain relevant in the digital economy.

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The programme is led by David Pringle, Senior Analyst, STL Partners/Telco 2.0, and serves telcos/CSPs, technology, commerce and media companies, and comprises:

Our Dealing with Disruption analysts attend all major industry events including Mobile World Congress, as well as our exclusive STL Partners events. To schedule a meeting or find out more about how to subscribe, please contact us directly at . 

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  Connecting Brands with Customers: How leading operators are building sustainable advertising businesses
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  Baidu, Xiaomi & DJI: China’s Fast Growing Digital Disruptors
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  Amazon Web Services: Colossal, but Invincible?
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  Samsung and Google versus Apple?
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  Dealing With Disruption: Agenda 2015
  Apple Pay & Weve Fail: A Wake Up Call
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  Connected Home: Telcos vs Google (Nest, Apple, Samsung, +…)
  Google’s Big, Big Data Battle
  Next Generation Mobile Marketing & Commerce: OnFuture EMEA Executive Brainstorm 2014, Day Two (Thursday 12 June)
  Facebook + WhatsApp + Voice: So What?
  Cisco, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Telefonica, et al: the disruptive battle for value in communications
  Mobile Marketing and Commerce: the technology battle between NFC, BLE, SIM, & Cloud
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day Two (Wednesday 13 November)
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Disrupting the Californian Giants
  Digital Commerce 2.0: New $50bn Disruptive Opportunities for Telcos, Banks and Technology Players
  Telco 2.0: Making Money from Location Insights
  Digital Commerce: Leading Apps and Strategies for Retailers, Online Players and Telcos in the $10Bn Loyalty Market
  Digital Commerce: EMEA Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day Two (Thursday 6 June)
  Digital Commerce: Time to redefine the Mobile Wallet
  Digital Commerce: Show me the (Mobile) Money
  Facebook Home: what is the impact?
  Digital Commerce: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day Two (Wednesday 20 March)
  Free Mobile: A Prototype for Disruption?
  The M-Commerce 'Land-Grab': Telcos Vs. Apple & Google
  Digital Commerce & Entertainment 2.0: Digital Asia Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 5 December)
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 7 November)
  Digital platform strategy: how Google, Apple and Amazon keep winning
  Digital Commerce 2.0: EMEA Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 13 June)
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Report and analysis of the Silicon Valley Event 2012
  Silicon Valley 2012 Overview Report: the money's moving, but are telcos?
  Digital Economy 2.0: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day One (Tuesday 27 March)
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 28 March)
  Strategy 2.0: Google's Strategic Identity Crisis
  Facebook: what the pre-IPO S-1 filing revealed
  Dealing with the 'Disruptors': Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft/Skype and Amazon (Updated Extract)
  APAC Nov/Dec 2011 Brainstorm - Mobile Payments 2.0
  M-Commerce 2.0: Report and analysis of the event
  Your Text is on Fire: OTT's to burn 40% SMS revenue by 2015
  Customer Experience 2.0: Learning from Amazon? (STL Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: How Connected Devices are Changing Consumer Behaviour (Nielsen Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: M-Commerce Value Chain (Telefonica Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: Visa's Global Investments in Digital Payments (Visa Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: Example from Orange (Orange Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: Privacy - From Threat to Opportunity (Telefonica Presentation)
  M-Commerce 2.0: Qiy - Trusted Framework (Qiy Foundation Presentation)
  Digital Money 2.0: Overview and Introduction (STL Partners Presentation)