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Future of the Network: Agenda 2015

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Summary: The Future of the Network stream addresses new business models and strategies for next-generation fixed and mobile networks: managing disruptive forces and improving business performance. This page outlines who its for, what it will cover, and why.


At-a-glance summary of the Future of the Network Research Stream

Telco 2.0 Future of the Network Research Stream Overview

To find out more about the Future of the Network Stream agenda please email  / call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

Why is the Future of the Network stream of value?

Annual industry spend on networking equipment and software is forecast to be in the region of $200 billion for the next five years (source: Infonetix). Yet there are major changes afoot in drivers of investment and disruptive trends that threaten to completely change the shape of future networks, such as:

  • Virtualisation (NFV, SDN, etc.)
  • Regulation
  • The success of Internet vs Network based services
  • Network sharing
  • Market consolidation and in some cases saturation

We believe that the most practical approach to addressing all such challenges and delivering the most cogent strategy for both telcos and their technology partners will derive from the answers to two core questions:

1. What is the business case for future investment in the network?

  • Should the network support new services or just faster Internet?
  • Speed, coverage, quality…what is most valuable?
  • Does quad-play & fixed-mobile convergence win?
  • Consolidation, network-sharing & wholesale: what changes?
  • What are the impacts of government & regulation?
  • Telco organisation & culture: what changes?

2. What are the disruptive forces acting on the network?

  • Virtualisation & the software telco (NFV, SDN, etc.) – how far, how fast?
  • What is the path to 5G? And what will it be used for?
  • What is the role of WiFi & other wireless technologies?
  • What else needs to happen?
  • Will the vendor landscape shift?

Who is the Future of the Network Stream Designed to help, and how?

  • CSP and Technology Vendors and advisors:
  • Chief strategy officers and strategists
  • CTOs and CTO staff, architects
  • CFOs and commercial decision-makers
  • Innovation leaders and teams
  • CMO, Product managers, and New Business Teams
  • Regulators and Policymakers
  • Investors
  • Consultants

What are the benefits?

  • Global best-practice examples & ‘stumbling blocks’
  • Deep insight on planning & future-proofing your network investments
  • “Innovation radar”: what’s next?

What makes the Future of the Network Stream Unique?

  • It draws on more than two decades of Telco 2.0 experience studying advanced telecoms and future network business models
  • Harnesses insights from frequent contact with leading strategists from across the TMT industry and uses a systematic and proven research methodology that considers the key internal and external factors impacting business performance

To find out more about the detailed agenda, objectives and planned reports, and for all other enquiries, please email  / call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

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