Digital Entertainment 2.0: Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 7 November)

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New Business Models for a multi-screen, mobile Arabia. Presentations from the Digital Entertainment 2.0 stream of the Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm & Innovation Forum, 7th November 2012, in Dubai. (November 2012)

Digital Entertainment 2.0 Digital Arabia November 2012

0830 Welcome, Agenda, Introductions & Warm Up

Host & Moderator: Andrew Collinson, Research Director, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)


0900 Video 2.0

Samer Geissah, VP - Innovation, du (download here)

Dania IsMail, Strategy and Business Development Planning Manager, MBC Group (download here)

Faheem Ahamed, Executive Director, BPG Group (download here)

Jim Benz, VP Business Development, Content Direct, CSG International (download here)


1115 Music & Apps 2.0

Patrick Boulos, Managing Director, Universal Music Group (download here)

Eddy Maroun, Co-Founder, Anghami (download here)

Saad Mumen, Director, Digital Media, Mobily (download here)


1400 Advertising & Marketing 2.0

Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners (download here)

David Porter, Head of Media, Unilever (download here)

Michael Nederlof, CEO, Aegis Media (download here)

Maha Muraish, Director Online Channel & Portal, Etisalat (download here)


1600 Digital Platforms 2.0

Chris Barraclough, MD & Chief Strategist, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)

Paul Kenny, Director Digital Services, Etisalat (download here)