We have extensive consulting experience in developing new strategies, business models, value propositions and products & services for clients.

STL Partners provides end-to-end consulting support for clients seeking to develop new opportunities:

  • Identifying potential areas of interest
  • Developing a strategy, proposition and business case
  • Managing implementation
  • Sales and marketing support

Our approach to consulting is characterised as being:

  • End user-focused: We are commercial, rather than technical, managers and focus on end users (demand) first and technology (supply) second
  • Creative: We pride ourselves in coming up with compelling new ideas and approaches to strategic issues that clients do not get elsewhere
  • Structured: Innovation does not equate to chaos; we believe in a structured and pragmatic approach to developing and implementing solutions
  • Rigorous: In keeping with our heritage as strategy consultants, we back up our thinking and ideas up with robust analysis

Please see here for case studies.

STL Partners 'Mindshare' tools and techniques for value innovation

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