Defining the Telco 2.0 Ecosystems

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Summary: An overview of our forthcoming syndicated research project to define the vocabulary, describe the ecosystems, identify the key roles and size key Telco 2.0 applications identified in the 'Two-Sided' Telecoms Market Opportunity.


From top-down analysis...

In the 'Two-Sided' Telecoms Market Opportunity strategy report we identified a number of areas in which telco assets could be applied to produce new sources of value. These areas were determined by exploring how Telco assets (grouped into seven 'service capability' categories) could add value to multiple vertical industries (see chart below)

The Seven 'Two-Sided' Service Capabilities Apply Across Multiple Industry Sectors



In the report, we also produced a detailed top-down model to size the potential market for each service capability in each vertical.
B2B%20VAS%20Waterfall.png bottom-up analysis...

We are now recruiting a small number of partners to help us fund the next stage of the research project, which is to develop a deeper understanding of the two-sided B2B VAS market opportunity:

  • Its overall potential size and, most importantly, the size of specific opportunities within it
  • The potential ecosystem associated with each opportunity area and the roles to be played within it 
  • The business model options for operators and other ecoystem players - who to charge, what to charge for?
  • The nature and volume of transactions that will flow through the ecosystem and the distribution of value among ecosystem players

This is important to operators and vendors within TMT (our partners) because it will give them sufficient detail to support business decisions:

  • A detailed business case to justify investment in specific opportunities
  • Use cases, data model, processes and commercials required to engage upstream partners and internal functions

To find out more please email or call Philip on +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

Strategic Issues Tackled

The analysis will focus on the the key strategic issues that our clients tell us they are wrestling with regarding new business models:

Analysis focus and structure

The analysis will focus on up to 10 specific areas, largely in service industries, which our top-down analysis has shown together represent around 90% of the total two-sided business model opportunity.  We will explore 3 business model options for each opportunity area and the viability of each in specific regions/countries (and how they may co-exist/compete).

Two of the most important issues that operators (and other players in the ecoystem) have to to consider are:

  1. Where to play in the ecosystem?  What role to take?
  2. How to play in the ecosystem?  Whether to collaborate with other telcos or go-it-alone?
The analsyis will address these issues and give guidance on which role is best for operators to consider under specific circumstances and how, if at all, they should work together.


Opportunity areas covered

We have developed an initial set of ten opportunity areas for the bottom-up analysis based on our original top-down work.  We will be refining this list in conjunction with partners to agree a final list for the bottom-up activity:

Process, Deliverables, Benefits




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To find out more please email or call Philip on +44 (0) 207 247 5003.