Digital Commerce 2.0: Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 7 November)

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New Payment, Advertising and Retail ExperiencesPresentations from the Digital Commerce 2.0 stream of the Digital Arabia Executive Brainstorm & Innovation Forum, 7th November 2012, in Dubai. (November 2012, Executive Briefing Service, Dealing with Disruption)

Digital Commerce 2.0 digital Arabia November 2012

0830 Welcome, Agenda, Introductions & Warm Up

Host & Moderator: Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners (download here)


0900 Payments 2.0

Irfan Goandal, Associate Director, Group Innovations, Qtel (download here)

Stephen Foster, Director Billing & Payments, du (download here)

Adam Kerr, Head of M-Commerce, Ericsson (download here)


1115 Retail 2.0

Sanjiv Purushotham, Senior Business Leader, Middle East and Africa, Mastercard (download here)

Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, STL Partners / Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)

Thierry Bouffioux, Senior Consultant, Capgemini Consulting (download here)


1400 Advertising & Marketing 2.0

Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners (download here)

David Porter, Head of Media, Unilever (download here)

Michael Nederlof, CEO, Aegis Media (download here)

Maha Muraish, Director Online Channel & Portal, Etisalat (download here)


1600 Digital Platforms 2.0

Chris Barraclough, MD & Chief Strategist, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)

Paul Kenny, Director Digital Services, Etisalat (download here)