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Innovation Case Studies

Examples, case studies and 'Use Cases' of business model innovation from telecoms and other markets. Please see below for current content, and for future content please see here.

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  Facebook: Telcos' New Best Friend?
  Disruptive Strategy: 'Uncarrier' T-Mobile vs. AT&T, VZW, and
  Communications Services: What now makes a winning value proposition?
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Technology Survey
  Finding the Next Golden Egg: Sourcing Great Telecoms Innovations
  Telco 2.0: Making Money from Location Insights
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Understanding Telefonica's Markets and Market Position
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Benefits, Products, Packages and Pricing
  Free Mobile: A Prototype for Disruption?
  Telcos in the Cloud: 3 strategy groups and 3 future scenarios
  Strategy 2.0: From infrastructure to innovation and customer intimacy
  Cloud 2.0: the fight for the next wave of customers
  Innovation Strategies: Telefonica 2.0 Vs. Vodafone 2.0
  Mobile TV: going 'Round The Side' of telco networks?
  Digital Commerce 2.0: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day Two (Wednesday 28 March)
  Strategy 2.0: Google's Strategic Identity Crisis
  Connected TV: Forecasts and Winners/Losers (UK Case Study)
  LTE & Wholesale: Time to Get Aggressive?
  Android: Google's Anti-Apple Virus?
  Telcos vs. Internet Players: Act before it’s too late
  Cloud 2.0: "Worth $43Bn by 2013" Say Cisco
  Making Sense of 'Cloud / xAAS': Seven Clear Examples
  Vodafone 360 on Android, iTunes: Now Getting it Right?
  Is Ribbit worth $105m to BT yet?
  New Strategy Report: Telco 2.0 Case Directory - 5 'Use Cases', 10 Case Studies
  The Impact of Netflix: Can Telcos Help Hollywood?
  RIM: how does the BlackBerry fit with Telco 2.0 strategies?
  Apple iPad: Business Model Analysis
  Mobile Advertising and Marketing: Text-based Local Search Use Case
  Telenor’s Voice 2.0 Strategy: ‘Mobilt Bedriftsnett’ Case Study
  Amazon 2.0: Four Levels of Strategic Business Model Transformation
  Use Cases 2.0: Five new business models in action
  QQ: China's Monster 'Facebook' - on a screen near you soon
  Case Study: how to grow when your core market shrinks
  Voice and Messaging 2.0: Innovators' Directory 2009
  ESPN: Making ‘pay-for-content’ work – a telco opportunity
  Google Voice: one of the key battlegrounds for Telcos
  Vodafone business model: Increasingly ‘two-sided’
  Orange / T-Mobile UK Merger: An Investor's View
  Mobile Advertising: 100 times more 'eyeballs' - Blyk's Wholesale Strategy
  Digital Money: Agents are the Key to Mobile Money Transfer
  The 'Two-Sided' Business Model Use Case Project
  Case Study: Mobile Signature solution approaches key growth milestone
  Twitt-o-nomics: How will Twitter make money?
  Mobile Payments: Lessons from the world's leading exponents
  Voice 2.0: Beyond ‘Unified Communications’
  Google - How (precisely) it profits from YouTube
  Nokia's Strange Services Strategy - Lessons from Apple iPhone and RIM
  M-Banking: can Zain's new business model for ZAP rival M-PESA?
  BSkyB Platform - Lessons
  Nokia and Symbian, Missing an Opportunity?
  2-Sided Business Model Use Cases - making it tangible
  Vodafone: Too much data, not enough vo and fone?
  Verizon Wireless’ volte-face: Virtue or Vice?
  Hidden Potential, France Telecom