The Long Tail, Debunked?

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Will Page, Chief Economist at the MCPS PRS Alliance, a copyright collection society that represents over 50,000 songwriters and 5,000 publishers, took the opportunity to present, exclusively to Telco 2.0, new research - based on an unprecedented analysis of digital music sales data gathered over a year - that opens to question the recieved wisdom around the Long Tail’ theory.

New research challenging the received wisdom of the ‘Long Tail’ theory was presented at the Telco 2.0™ event [in November]. We review this in depth with the economist concerned. The presentation, held at the November 2008 Telco 2.0 Executive Brainstorm, created quite a stir at the event, in the media and blogosphere. Here, Telco 2.0 discusses at length the presentation and the reaction to it with Will Page.


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