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Analysts' Notes

2-5 page Notes on key Telco 2.0™ Topics. Please see below for current content, and for future content please see here.

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  Apps & Telco APIs 2.0: their role vs Facebook, Skype, and iMessage
  Broadband 2.0: Mobile CDNs and video distribution
  Facebook: really 'worth' $30 billion max - $100 billion is hype
  RIM: R.I.P. or ‘Reports of my death are greatly exaggerated’?
  Cloud 2.0: Telcos to grow Revenues 900% by 2014
  Mobile Broadband Economics: LTE 'Not Enough'
  Telco 2.0 Strategy: New Growth needs New Metrics
  LTE & Wholesale: Time to Get Aggressive?
  New Business Models: Half Future Telco Growth
  Public Wifi: Destroying LTE/Mobile Value?
  Appstore 2.0: Amazon Vs Apple & Google
  Arete Research: Getting to a Billion Smartphones in 2013
  iPad2: how Apple plans to dominate the ‘post PC era’
  YouTube: Recent improvements could change the game (again)
  Digital Entertainment 2.0: Telcos risk missing the UltraViolet online video opportunity
  Mobile World Congress: Microsoft CEO fails to land all punches, but...
  Augmented Reality: Is there a valuable role for telcos?
  M2M 2.0: New Approaches Needed
  Cloud 2.0: What are the Telco Opportunities?
  Cloud Services 2.0: Clearing Fog, Sunshine Forecast, say Telco 2.0 Delegates
  $Multi-Billion Telco 2.0 Growth Opportunities in North America: Can Telcos Act in Time?
  Customer Data 2.0: Telcos Must Vie for a slice of the $Multi-Billion ‘PIE’
  Facebook: Moving into Telco Space?
  Aligning M2M with Telco 2.0 Strategies
  Net Neutrality 2.0: Don't Block the Pipe, Lubricate the Market
  Vodafone 360 on Android, iTunes: Now Getting it Right?
  Mobile Devices: Fight Club
  Is Ribbit worth $105m to BT yet?
  Future Broadband: “Happy Pipes": worth $416Bn by 2020?
  New Telco Growth: is Time Running Out?
  Optimising Mobile Broadband Economics: Key Issues and Next Steps
  LTE: 'Longer Term Enthusiasm'?
  Telco 2.0 in Hollywood: ‘There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills’
  Enterprise 2.0: Machine-to-machine - opening for business
  The 7 Top Themes of Telco 2.0, Spring 2010
  The Impact of Netflix: Can Telcos Help Hollywood?
  Enterprise Voice 2.0: Ecosystem, Species and Strategies
  RIM: how does the BlackBerry fit with Telco 2.0 strategies?
  Digital Hollywood: How to 'Out-Apple' Apple?
  Mobile & Fixed Broadband Business Models: Four Strategy Scenarios
  Apple vs. Nokia: strategic lessons from the Smartphone / Appstore Wars
  Telecoms 2015: New Game, New Players, but Who Wins?
  Consumer Data and Privacy 2.0: Give Customers the Power
  How Google's Chief Magician Stole the Show
  Apple iPad: Business Model Analysis
  2009 Review: Telco 2.0 Readers' Top 10 Articles
  New Opportunities in Online Content Distribution
  Telenor’s Voice 2.0 Strategy: ‘Mobilt Bedriftsnett’ Case Study
  'Demolition Derby' for Smartphones in 2010
  Shareholder Value 2.0: Investors now rating telcos as ‘utilities’. How to respond?
  ITU World 2009: Telecoms too important to leave to Telcos?
  Amazon 2.0: Four Levels of Strategic Business Model Transformation
  Mobile Software Platforms: Rapid Consolidation Forecast
  Strategy 2.0: The $375 billion opportunity - update (Part 1)
  QQ: China's Monster 'Facebook' - on a screen near you soon
  Case Study: how to grow when your core market shrinks
  ESPN: Making ‘pay-for-content’ work – a telco opportunity
  Google Voice: one of the key battlegrounds for Telcos
  Vodafone business model: Increasingly ‘two-sided’
  Orange / T-Mobile UK Merger: An Investor's View