2009 Review: Telco 2.0 Readers' Top 10 Articles

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Summary: Accelerating development in ‘two-sided’ business telecoms models, all things Google, and the growing challenges for Mobile Broadband were the big themes in 2009 among our readers.

We've been analysing what you, our readers, read of our published content in 2009. Three big themes emerged across the articles which had the largest readership:

  • The Accelerating Development of ‘Two-Sided’ Telecoms Business Models
  • All things Google – Mania or Phobia?
  • Growing Challenges for Mobile Broadband

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The Accelerating Development of ‘Two-Sided’ Telecoms Business Models

2009 saw a huge growth in market interest in the practicalities as well as the theory of ‘two-sided’ business models, as articulated in our seminal Strategy Report The $125Bn ‘Two-Sided’ Telecoms Market Opportunity.

Together, Use Cases 2.0: Five new business models in action and The 'Two-Sided' Business Model Use Case Project documented the continuation of the theory into practical examples, and attracted the second largest readership by topic. Some of this material was presented at our EMEA and America Brainstorms, and it will be published in a new Strategy Report in early 2010 (please email to pre-order).
T2 Use Case Project Overview V1

The introduction to the Executive Briefing 7 Strategic Priority Areas for new Telecoms Business Models was the second most read individual article in 2009, documenting the state of the Industry at the mid-year point. Not far behind, in third place by readership, was Vodafone business model: Increasingly ‘two-sided’ showing the increasing strategic emphasis placed on ‘two-sided’ applications in the market by Vodafone’s CEO.

Finally, senior interest in The Business Case for 'Two-Sided' Telecoms Business Models, Open APIs 2.0 - APIs Everywhere, But What Is The Joined-up Commercial Strategy?, and Shareholder Value 2.0: Investors now rating telcos as ‘utilities’. What to do? reflected the growing need to make the financial and strategic case at board level.

Overall, our view is that 2009 saw a step-change in the Industry for 'two-sided' telecoms business models, from being an interesting idea to being an important strategy for many operators searching for new sources of revenue. This has been reflected both in the content of our many client interactions and the weight of readership on these topics.

All things Google – Mania or Phobia?

2009 saw massive interest in all things Google, reflecting an increasing realisation of the potential threats and opportunities presented to the telecoms industry by the internet behemoth.

The most read individual article of the year was Google and CDNs Outmuscle Tier 1 Telcos, and our recently published Executive Brief Google: Where to cooperate? Where to compete? has proved both popular and well received from the readership and direct customer feedback we’ve had.


Popular precursors to the full Executive Briefing analysis were Google - How (precisely) it profits from YouTube and Google Voice: one of the key battlegrounds for Telcos.

To many, Google appears as primarily a threat, yet there are many opportunities and lessons from Google's success. We think the growth in interest in Google is a healthy sign that the Telecoms industry is starting to understand that it is no longer a standalone industry, but part of the broader IT industry. This is a necessary step in the next phase of industry development for those companies that seek to innovate and grow.

Growing Challenges for Mobile Broadband

Increasing awareness of the capacity and coverage challenges facing mobile broadband, concerns about LTE as a solution, and interest in alternative business models have been another major theme in 2009.

Figure 1: Global mobile broadband computing users


This increasing interest was evident in client interactions at both Executive Brainstorms and consulting projects, and also by readership of Mobile Broadband: Urgent need for new business models and the Partner briefing from Telco 2.0 partners Arete Research LTE: Late, Tempting, and Elusive.

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