Cloud Rapid Impact Programme: Maximise your Share of the Cloud

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Fast-track your Cloud Strategy

Summary: With the right strategy, telcos can take a larger share of the $40bn + and growing Cloud Market. We now offer tailored programmes for clients looking to save time and improve market performance by fast-tracking their Cloud Strategy, helping to size market potential, benchmarking against external best practice, securing internal alignment of objectives and plans, prioritising key activities, and selecting candidate vendor partners as required. The programmes are based on our proprietary Cloud 2.0 Research and run by our experienced senior analysts who have hands-on experience of delivering cloud services in the real world.
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The cloud market is experiencing dramatic growth and the majority of new IT services are being delivered as cloud products. In our recent Cloud Strategy report we forecast that the cloud market would be worth $1 trillion by 2030 and is worth at least $40bn today. Telcos have the potential to take share and prosper as cloud service providers, but they need to carefully select opportunities, rather than trying to compete head-to-head with the market goliaths, such as Amazon and Google. The Cloud 2.0 Rapid Impact Programme will provide a current overview of the cloud market and work with you to develop long-term sustainable strategies as well as implementing near term tactical solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Maximise your company’s share of the $40Bn+ global Cloud market
  • Save valuable time to market by fast-tracking to an externally benchmarked cloud strategy based on real-world experience and leading edge research
  • Improve ‘return on effort’ by unifying internal objectives and agendas to a common 'best in class' approach
  • Identify key initiatives to focus on and how to differentiate these from competition
  • Fast-track potential vendors/supplier selection

How does it work?

The Cloud 2.0 Rapid Impact Programme combines pre-work with our analysts to understand your current position, team, opportunities and challenges, the input of ‘best practice’ and key findings from external research and benchmarking, a highly interactive and facilitated workshop with key team members and decision-makers, a comprehensive record and analysis of the output, and in-life support where required. The structure of a typical approach is shown below.


Part 1: Cloud Overview and emerging Trends  

  • What is the cloud market worth to telcos?
  • Where should telcos play and how can they develop sustainable business models?
  • What other telcos are doing
  • Key vendor strategies that can help grow telco business and pitfalls to avoid

Part 2: Facilitated Innovation and strategy development

  • Facilitated workshop to enable internal strategy development to fit with service provider capabilities
  • Draw on real world telco experience of delivering cloud services
  • Use our unique methods for driving innovation with brainstorming
  • Bring teams together to develop sustainable cloud strategies

Part 3: In-Life Support

  • Ongoing reviews with our analyst team for updates on best practice and challenge / validation of strategy and approaches
  • We can help to ‘hold your teams to account’ against their plans and commitment if required / agreed

“We achieved a tremendous amount in a short period of time, effectively developing and refining our ideas to select the strongest opportunities.” - SVP Technology, major tech company.

Who is it for?

    • It can be run with telco teams or telco partners wishing to understand telco opportunities better
    • Typical lead clients include CTO, CIO, CMO, CSO, Director of Product Development, Director or Head of Cloud strategies, and leaders of Innovation teams
    • The programmes can be employed within a functional team (e.g. technology) to fine-tune one element of Cloud strategy, or across multi-functional teams (e.g. strategy, technology, marketing and sales) to align priorities and deliver maximum impact across the business
    • The programmes combine creative input and collaborative team-working with appropriate levels of external challenge and validation.


    Why is this unique?

      • It is based on proprietary research from the Telco 2.0 Initiative that addresses the specific opportunities and strategies that telcos need for success in cloud
      • The team combines real-world experience of developing and delivering cloud services in a telco and with telcos, market leading research, and facilitation and consultancy skills
      • Provides an impartial view of vendor products and services and the benefits/pitfalls of working with them

        Who will run the workshop?

        Lead Analyst: Bob Brace, STL Partners Senior Analyst

        • 30 years-experience in networks, high technology products and computing technology.
        • Currently researching Cloud 2.0, Software Defined Networking, Unified Communications, and supports the STL team on various other Telco 2.0 initiatives.
        • Former Head of Cloud Services for Vodafone Business Services, setting the cloud strategy and developing a wide range of cloud products and solutions including Unified Communications as a Service
        • Bob will be supported by other members of the Telco 2.0 Team.

        Price on application when we have fully understood your needs, goals and position.

        “STL Partners’ Programme provided a tremendous platform to build and develop our strategy. Insightful, rigorous and dynamic- a great team.” - VP, major tech company.

        For more information please email + 44 (0) 20 7247 5003