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Cloud & Enterprise ICT: Cloud, Mobility, eHealth - Agenda 2015

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Summary: $Multi-billion Cloud, Enterprise Mobility, eHealth and other advanced enterprise ICT markets are among the key opportunities in the Telco 2.0 business model. This is an outline of the agenda and objectives of our new programme of research that identifies threats and opportunities, leading thinking, and real world examples and models to implement and manage success in these areas. (October 2014, Cloud & Enterprise ICT Stream.)


At-a-glance summary of the Cloud and Enterprise ICT Research Stream

Cloud and Enterprise ICT Research Stream Overview

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We'll also be exploring the implications at Digital Asia (2-4 December, Bali).


There is a digital ‘hunger gap’ resulting from increasing competition and substitution from adjacent products in traditional telecoms markets. Replacing the $Bns of value lost / destroyed is a key strategic objective for many telcos. Providing Enterprise ICT solutions is a key opportunity in the ‘Telco 2.0’ model to develop new sources of value.

For example, Cloud services are one of the potential areas for telcos to address with strong growth prospects.

Enterprise Cloud Market Forecast

Source: STL Partners, Telco Strategies in the Cloud

The Cloud and Enterprise ICT stream will cover the latest theories, leading practice, market analysis and case studies at the leading edge of telcos’ ability to deliver and develop enterprise ICT.

Cloud and Enterprise ICT Research Stream - who for?

Why is the Cloud and Enterprise ICT Stream of Value?

Cloud and Enterprise ICT represent major growth opportunities for CSPs but:

  • With the exception of a few incumbents with a strong fixed heritage, most CSPs lack significant experience and practice of bringing enterprise ICT propositions to market successfully
  • Cloud and new Enterprise ICT services present a raft of new challenges for CSPs including: New operating models, processes and culture New performance metrics New channels and delivery partners
  • The market is evolving fast and it is extremely difficult for executives to monitor and react to changes globally within the telecoms industry and with new non-telco competitors

The stream helps executives identify threats and opportunities in the $ multi-billion Cloud and Enterprise ICT market and implement and manage changes to be successful in this market.

"Over 90% of telecoms executives thought that telcos needed a significant change or dramatic overhaul in skills to be successful in new market areas."

Source: STL Partners, Telco Strategies in the Cloud

What makes the Cloud and Enterprise ICT Stream Unique?

  • It draws on five years plus study of new cloud based business models and enterprise ICT in telcos that produced the work to date in the stream
  • Harnesses insights from Telco 2.0’s frequent contact with leading strategists from across the TMT industry, and a systematic and proven research methodologies that consider the key internal and external factors impacting business performance
  • Led by Bob Brace, Senior Analyst STL Partners (and former Head of Cloud and Enterprise Services at Vodafone)

To find out more about the detailed agenda, objectives and planned reports, and for all other enquiries, please email  / call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

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