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IoT Rapid Impact Programme: Stay Ahead in the Emerging Internet of Things

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Fast-track Your Internet of Things (IoT) Strategy

Summary: The much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT) has significant growth potential with many predicting billions of connected devices by 2020. But how real is the opportunity, and how do you capitalise on it? To date, most companies have focused on tactical, M2M services rather than strategic, IoT opportunities which emphasise data sharing and interoperability. STL Partners has tailored a Rapid Impact Programme to demystify these opportunities and ensure you stay ahead of the game. 


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The much-hyped Internet of Things (IoT) has significant growth potential with many predicting billions of connected devices by 2020. But how real is the opportunity, and what are the business implications for your organisation? More importantly, how do you capitalise on this?

Most ‘IoT’ applications today simply apply the IoT label to traditional, silo machine-to-machine (M2M) applications (e.g. vehicle telematics). These are tactical solutions, designed to address narrow use cases, by adding connectivity to a device in order to create a connected service.

Unfortunately, this tactical approach misses the full potential of connected devices and digital services, as we discussed in our report 'The Internet of Things: Impact on M2M, where it’s going, and what to do about it?' Companies are missing out on new business opportunities where IoT applications share information and interoperate across silos. This is the ultimate vision, and value, of the IoT.

'Digital' and IoT Convergence

STL Partners has tailored a Rapid Impact Programme to help businesses to understand, prioritise and develop key initiatives in the IoT. We demystify the opportunity and help your organization to move forward with confidence in this rapidly developing space.  

Key Benefits

  • Maximise your company’s share of the $300bn+ Internet of Things market
  • Understand the complex and rapidly changing IoT ecosystem, leveraging our market-leading Telco 2.0 research and facilitation expertise
  • Identify key initiatives and develop an IoT roadmap in detail, including the financial impact this will have on your organisation
  • Create strong alignment and engagement across internal business units
  • Manage business risk from IoT opportunities and disruptions

How does it work?

The Rapid Impact Programme combines: pre-workshop briefings with our team to understand your current position, opportunities and challenges; a highly interactive workshop with key team members and decision-makers, drawing on market-leading Telco 2.0 research and facilitation expertise; and a comprehensive record and analysis of the workshop's output and agreed-upon next steps.

A typical 1-day process is shown below:

Pre-workshop: Agree objectives, refine design, prepare stimulus material

AM: Understand the IoT ecosystem and market landscape

AM: Identify strategic growth opportunities in the IoT

PM: Develop and evaluate specific propositions for your organisation, using interactive voting technology to prioritise key initiatives

PM: Secure consensus on how to move forward

Post-workshop: Summary report with next steps



Who is it for?

    • Telecoms operators
    • Network equipment providers
    • OEMs and connected device manufacturers
    • Software vendors, including specialist M2M/IoT platform providers
    • Systems integrators
    • M2M/IoT service providers

    Why is this unique?

      • We began our coverage of connected devices in 2009, and have regularly provided market-leading research and advisory services since then
      • Our approach is based on a long-term, strategic roadmap for IoT applications and their context within the broader digital ecosystem, rather than short-term, tactical opportunities in M2M
      • We are recognised thought-leaders in 'digital' service opportunities and experts in facilitating innovation and collaboration through brainstorming
      • We can provide an impartial view of key standards bodies, initiatives, alliances and vendors, and the benefits/pitfalls of working with them

      Who will lead the programme?

      The Rapid Impact Programme will be delivered by STL Partners in collaboration with More with Mobile.


      Phil Laidler    Phil Laidler; Partner & Consulting Director, STL Partners

      Phil has over 20 years experience in strategy, marketing and corporate development; 15 years in TMT, defining and delivering new services. He has worked for fixed and wireless operators both as a senior executive and consultant, and focuses on strategic planning and corporate development. Phil is STL Partners' subject matter expert on connected devices and has facilitated numerous Telco 2.0 workshops and events on opportunities in the IoT.


      Tim Davis    Ken Figueredo; Associate, STL Partners

      Ken consults to companies on business strategy and new market offerings in the connected devices arena. He advised the GSMA in defining its strategy and launch of the Connected Living market development initiative which catalysed the large-scale M2M/IoT market. He is currently working with several companies to develop an open ecosystem of standards-based services for interoperable, IoT applications. Over his career, Ken has worked with major mobile operators, institutional investors and equipment vendors from Asia, Europe and North America.



      For more information please contact us or call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.