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Dealing With Disruption: Agenda 2015

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The multi-trillion dollar commerce, communications and content markets are developing fast, and Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and others are key disruptive forces. The Dealing with Disruption Stream covers this, plus: the roles for telcos and others, strategies for success, key emerging players, how to compete / collaborate, case studies of disruptive innovation and competion, and principles and lessons for innovation and defence from all markets. (November 2014, Dealing with Disruption Stream.)


At-a-glance summary of the Dealing with Disruption Research Stream

Dealing with Disruption Research Stream Overview

To find out more about the Telco 2.0 Disruption Stream agenda please email  / call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

We'll also be exploring the issues and findings at Digital Asia (2-4 December, Bali). 

What is the need driving the Dealing with Disruption Stream?

Many markets, including telecoms, have already been subject to significant ‘disruption’ from so-called ‘Over the Top’ (OTT) players that create strategic advantage for themselves by cannibalising value in adjacent markets.

The key markets we're focusing on in this Stream are Commerce, Commununications and Content, as they are both the most impacted and most adjacent to the intersection of Telecoms, Media and Technology that we focus on.

Understanding the strategic intentions, business models, and complex dynamics between the players is a key step in dealing with disruption, as is developing an understanding of tactics and strategies that have been successful – and otherwise.

What will the Dealing with Disruption Stream Cover?

  • General principles of creating and dealing with disruption successfully
  • The evolving strategies and ecosystems of Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft
  • Why these companies have been so successful, their future prospects and the main competitive threats they face
  • Their ongoing impact on the communications, content services and digital commerce markets
  • How telcos, media companies, banks and technology vendors should compete and co-operate with Google, Apple, Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft
  • Forthcoming waves of disruptions and disruptors

Who is it for?

  • Chief strategy officers and strategists at CSPs, technology vendors, banks and media companies
  • Digital commerce specialists at CSPs, banks, brands and retailers
  • Leaders of innovation, digital product management, marketing and business development teams at CSPs and technology vendors
  • Communications, content, and commerce specialists at CSPs and technology vendors

Why is the Dealing with Disruption Stream of Value?

Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Facebook are the most powerful and disruptive agents of change in today’s market.

  • Their intentions, strategies, and modus operandi will be a major determinant of the future shape of the global TMT market and adjacent markets, such as automotive, healthcare and education.
  • Although they are exceptional companies, they have weaknesses that present opportunities for players in the broader TMT ecosystem to generate new revenues by co-operating and/or competing with these players.
  • It is therefore essential to have a clear and true understanding of their paths, and the principles and strategies required to deal with both the disruptions and opportunities

The stream helps executives identify threats and opportunities arising from disruption and the actions required to deal with it.

What makes the Dealing with Disruption Stream Unique?

  • It draws on almost a decade of experience studying and implementing new business models in TMT
  • Harnesses insights from Telco 2.0’s frequent contact with leading strategists from across the TMT industry, and a systematic and proven research methodologies that consider the key internal and external factors impacting business performance
  • Produced by the team that wrote the ground-breaking Dealing with the 'Disruptors': Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft/Skype and Amazon report setting out how the telecoms industry should co-operate and compete with these players
  • Led by David Pringle, Senior Analyst STL Partners / Telco 2.0

To find out more about the detailed agenda, objectives and planned reports, and for all other enquiries, please email  / call +44 (0) 207 247 5003.

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