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Future Broadband & NGNs

What are the new broadband business models and strategies for Next Generation Networks (NGNs) and how can they help deliver improved business performance? Please see below for current content, and for future content please see here.

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  Triple-Play in the USA: Infrastructure Pays Off
  Customer Experience: Is it Time for the Mobile CDN?
  The Great Compression: surviving the 'Digital Hunger Gap'
  Sprint-Softbank: how it will disrupt the US market
  A Practical Guide to Implementing Telco 2.0
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  European Mobile: The Future's not Bright, it's Brutal
  LTE: APAC and US ‘Leading The Experience’
  Euro telcos: fiddling while the platform burns?
  Mobile Broadband 2.0: The Top Disruptive Innovations
  The value of "Smart Pipes" to mobile network operators
  Dealing with the 'Disruptors': Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft/Skype and Amazon (Updated Extract)
  'Under-The-Floor' (UTF) Players: threat or opportunity?
  LTE: Less Transforming than Expected
  CDN 2.0: Introduction to CDNs/ADNs (STL Presentation)
  Mobile CDNs 2.0: Opportunities and Challenges (STL Presentation)
  CDNs 2.0: should telcos compete with Akamai?
  Broadband 2.0: Mobile CDNs and video distribution
  Mobile Broadband Economics: LTE 'Not Enough'
  LTE & Wholesale: Time to Get Aggressive?
  New Business Models: Half Future Telco Growth
  Public Wifi: Destroying LTE/Mobile Value?
  Mobile World Congress: Microsoft CEO fails to land all punches, but...
  Telcos vs. Internet Players: Act before it’s too late
  $Multi-Billion Telco 2.0 Growth Opportunities in North America: Can Telcos Act in Time?
  Net Neutrality 2.0: Don't Block the Pipe, Lubricate the Market
  New Strategy Report: Telco 2.0 Case Directory - 5 'Use Cases', 10 Case Studies
  Future Broadband: “Happy Pipes”: worth $416Bn by 2020?
  Optimising Mobile Broadband Economics: Key Issues and Next Steps
  LTE: 'Longer Term Enthusiasm'?
  RIM: how does the BlackBerry fit with Telco 2.0 strategies?
  New Strategy Report: Mobile, Fixed and Wholesale Broadband Business Models
  Mobile & Fixed Broadband Business Models: Four Strategy Scenarios
  Fixing Wireless Data Network Economics
  New Opportunities in Online Content Distribution
  Dealing with the Wireless Data Explosion
  LTE: Late, Tempting, and Elusive
  Online Video vs Broadband: a symbiotic relationship?
  Mobile Broadband: Urgent need for new business models
  Video Distribution 2.0 - Time to fix the fundamentals
  Defining the Digital Generation: Young Today, Grey Tomorrow
  Online Video Distribution: how will the market play out?
  The Digital Generation: Introducing the Participation Imperative Framework
  Online Video Usage - YouTube thrashes iPlayer, but for how long?
  Mobile NGN - a Real Telco 2.0 Opportunity?
  Beyond bundling: the future of broadband
  Triple play, go away
  Google anchors its carrier off the coast of Telcoland