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The implementation of new Two-Sided Telecoms Business Models requires changes to the technical architecture (network, OSS, BSS) of Telecoms companies. Perhaps most importantly, data from separate internal silos needs to be aggregated and synthesised to provide valuable information on a real-time basis. Key interfaces that enable new services must be made available to external parties securely and on-demand. Most current Telecoms architectures are not capable of meeting these requirements.

Moreover, the growing profusion of end-user devices creates opportunities and threats for Operators, OTT players, and handset / CPE / operating software companies. Increasing amounts of intelligence and capability are to be found in Netbooks, Smartphones, Set-Top Boxes and routers.

What are the consequence of these pressures for Telcos? Are Telcos inevitably going to become dis-intermediated dumb-pipes? How can operators deploy Technical Arcitectures and device strategies that complements their network capabilities to strengthen their position within the digital value chain?

  • Technical Infrastructure / Reference Architecture
  • Exploiting Customer Data
  • OSS/BSS on Demand
  • Network Provisioning/Activation on Demand
  • Devices, Mobile, CPE, Operating Systems

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