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Digital Commerce 2.0: Report and analysis of the Silicon Valley Event 2012

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Digital Commerce 2.0: A summary of the findings of the Digital Commerce 2.0 Executive Brainstorm, 28 March 2012, held in the Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, part of the New Digital Economics Silicon Valley event. The Brainstorm explored how to scale adoption of mobile wallets, enable new forms of ‘localised commerce’, how individuals and companies can harness personal data, and what sorts of enablement platforms telcos should create.

Digital Entertainment 2.0: Event Summary Analysis Presentation

Part of the New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm series, the Digital Commerce 2.0 session took place at the Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, on the 28th March, 2012, and looked at how to stimulate mass adoption of mobile wallets, how to effectively leverage customer data and personal data, how to scale digital merchant-consumer interaction and how to harness telco assets and capabilities to deliver digital commerce 2.0.

Using a widely acclaimed interactive format called ‘Mindshare’, the event enabled specially-invited senior executives from across the communications, media, banking and technology sectors to discuss opportunities, challenges, and practical experiences from the future of e-commerce.

This note summarises some of the high-level findings and includes the verbatim output of the brainstorm.

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Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Session 1 – Mobile Wallets 2.0 – How to stimulate mass adoption
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Voting, feedback, discussions
  • Key takeaways
  • Session 2 – Customer Data 2.0 - How to effectively leverage customer data and personal data
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Input and discussions
  • Key takeaways
  • Session 3 – ‘Localised Commerce’ 2.0 - How to scale a new approach to merchant-consumer interaction
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Input and discussions
  • Key takeaways
  • Session 4 - Commerce, Content, and Connected Things – How can telcos bring them all together?
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Panel Discussion
  • Conclusion
  • Appendix – Verbatim delegate comments
  • About STL Partners

Table of Figures:

  • Figure 1: Opportunities across the payments industry
  • Figure 2: Citi’s mobile money pilots around the world
  • Figure 3: The size of the prize
  • Figure 4: Mobile wallets may take five years to go mainstream
  • Figure 5: Google Wallet isn’t seen as the next PayPal
  • Figure 6: The Personal Data Landscape & Value Chain Analysis (commerce sector)
  • Figure 7: The different characteristics of different datasets
  • Figure 8: Different advertisers care about different kinds of data
  • Figure 9: Combining location with other data to deliver targeted alerts
  • Figure 10: The return on investment on card-linked offers
  • Figure 11: Survey data validates key Telco 2.0 opportunities
  • Figure 12: Consensus on key problems
  • Figure 13: Operator strategy options for 4 upstream segments
  • Figure 14: Options for partnering
  • Figure 15: Proof of Concept projects at Ericsson Labs
  • Figure 16: Network-aware apps – better than app-aware networks?
  • Figure 17: Verizon’s view of 2SBM in the cloud
  • Figure 18: Use cases for the telco cloud
  • Figure 19: M2M Value Chain Overview