Consumer Data: Microsoft: Why Telcos Must Act Now - or Lose The Opportunity

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Summary: Marc Davis, formerly Yahoo! Mobile's Chief Scientist, now at Microsoft, and a key collaborator with both Telco 2.0 and the World Economic Forum's 'Re-Thinking Personal Data' initiative, gives his unique perspective on the 'Gold Rush' for personal information, and why telcos must act now or lose the opportunity to take a valuable role in it.

We interviewed Marc following his presentation at the Consumer Data 2.0 workstream at the 10th Telco 2.0 Americas Brainstorm in Los Angeles, October 2010. NB. For a full report of the top-line brainstorm findings, please see $Multi-Billion Telco 2.0 Growth Opportunities in North America: Can Telcos Act in Time?

In the interview, Marc describes how the 'Personal Information Economy' is still the equivalent of a feudal economic system, and how it will need to evolve rapidly to resemble a more modern economic system, and persuasively makes a case for telcos to act now or lose the opportunities to others.

There are further videos of ATT's Von Wright on being a 'Personal Information Agent', and Google's Eric Sachs on Strategic 'Co-opetition' with Telcos on Consumer Data.

There's more on this topic in the 'User Data & Privacy' content stream, including Customer Data 2.0: Telcos Must Vie for a slice of the $Multi-Billion ‘PIE’ and Can Telcos Unlock the Value of their Consumer Data?.