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Telco 2.0™ 'two-sided' telecoms business modelThe main forces acting on the Industry and their consequence for Two-Sided Business Models in Telecoms. Includes:

  • New Business Models and Lessons from other Industries
  • Capital Markets and Economy
  • Big National Infrastructure
  • Green Technology
  • Mobile Broadband and Digital Content
  • Emerging Markets

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  Strategic Overview: Time for a New Telco 2.0 Vision
  Digital Services: What is Your Digital Business Worth?
  Will AT&T shed copper, fibre-up, or buy more content - and what are the lessons?
  Launchers: a new relevance point for telcos?
  Disruptive Strategy: 'Uncarrier' T-Mobile vs. AT&T, VZW, and
  Telco 2.0: The $50bn Enterprise Mobility Opportunity: What's stopping telcos winning 500% more business?
  Triple-Play in the USA: Infrastructure Pays Off
  Telco 1.0: Death Slide Starts in Europe
  Telefonica leads Vodafone in more attractive markets
  Facing Up to the Software-Defined Operator
  Software Defined People: How it Shapes Strategy (and us)
  Why closing Telefonica Digital should make Telefonica more digital (and innovative)
  Are Telefonica, AT&T, Ooredoo, SingTel, and Verizon aiming for the right goals?
  Facebook + WhatsApp + Voice: So What?
  Growing the Digital Economy: Lessons from Brazil, Mexico, and Iran
  Cisco, Microsoft, Google, AT&T, Telefonica, et al: the disruptive battle for value in communications
  Self-Disruption: How Sprint Blew It
  The Future Value of Voice and Messaging
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Technology Survey
  Digital Commerce 2.0: New $50bn Disruptive Opportunities for Telcos, Banks and Technology Players
  Finding the Next Golden Egg: Sourcing Great Telecoms Innovations
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Understanding Telefonica's Markets and Market Position
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Benefits, Products, Packages and Pricing
  Telco 2.0 Transformation Index: Methodology and Approach
  Digital Economy: who will prosper in 'The Great Compression'?
  Digital Commerce: Show me the (Mobile) Money
  The Great Compression: surviving the 'Digital Hunger Gap'
  Smartphones: when will Huawei be No.1?
  Free Mobile: A Prototype for Disruption?
  Finance: Optimising the Telco 2.0 revenue and cost model
  Sprint-Softbank: how it will disrupt the US market
  A Practical Guide to Implementing Telco 2.0
  Cloud 2.0: Telco Strategies in the Cloud
  Cloud 2.0: Telstra, Singtel, China Mobile Strategies
  Digital Arabia Event Analysis Report: ‘Telcos hold the key to ‘Digital Arabia’ but need to act fast’
  Europe's brutal future: Vodafone and Telefonica hit hard
  Strategy 2.0: From infrastructure to innovation and customer intimacy
  European Mobile: The Future's not Bright, it's Brutal
  Digital platform strategy: how Google, Apple and Amazon keep winning
  Innovation Strategies: Telefonica 2.0 Vs. Vodafone 2.0
  Telco 2.0: Killing Ten Misleading Myths
  Telco 2.0: Report and Analysis of the EMEA 2012 Event
  Euro telcos: fiddling while the platform burns?
  Personal Data: how to make it a viable, customer-centred industry
  Strategy 2.0: Lessons from Vodafone’s success in European SMB Communications
  HTML5: market impact and telco strategies
  Digital Economy 2.0: Report and analysis of the Silicon Valley Event 2012
  Telco 2.0: how to accelerate the implementation of new business models
  Silicon Valley 2012 Overview Report: the money's moving, but are telcos?
  Digital Economy 2.0: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2012, Day One (Tuesday 27 March)
  Strategy 2.0: Google's Strategic Identity Crisis
  SAP Strategy Profile: Enabling Telcos to Operate at ‘Internet Speed’
  How to Spot a "Business Model Problem"
  Facebook: what the pre-IPO S-1 filing revealed
  Dealing with the 'Disruptors': Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft/Skype and Amazon (Updated Extract)
  Vodafone CIO: 2012 a big year for customer data, analytics, and M-Commerce
  'Under-The-Floor' (UTF) Players: threat or opportunity?
  Asia & Middle East: 'can do' Telco 2.0 Strategies
  LTE: Less Transforming than Expected
  Telecoms and the Eurozone Economic Crisis: a perfect storm?