Digital Commerce: EMEA Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day Two (Thursday 6 June)

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Closing the Loop between Advertising & Payments. Presentations from the Digital Commerce stream of the New Digital Economics Brainstorm, 6th June 2013, in London.  (June 2013, Executive Briefing Service, Dealing with Disruption Stream.)

0830 Welcome, Agenda, Introductions & Warm Up

Moderator: Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)

0900 How to win in SoLoMo

Benjamin Broshi, Vice President New Markets, Deutsche Telekom (download here)

Westley Gilliard, Business Development Director, Placecast (download here)

Keith McMahon, Senior Analyst, STL Partners (download here)

Sandra Alzetta, SVP, Visa Europe (download here)

Ricardo Varela, Head of Customer Development, BlueVia, Telefonica Digital (download here) (download video presentation here)

Petter Made, COO, SumUp Payments (download here) (download video presentation here)


1300 Advertising & Marketing: Making Mobile Work

Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 Initiative (download here)

Jeanette Carlsson, MD, Digital & Customer Insight Expert, @newmedia 2.0 (download here)

Pierre Briffaut, CEO, Orange Digital (download here) (download video presentation here)

Edwin Metcalf, Business Development, MinuTrade (download here)