Digital Economy: Silicon Valley Executive Brainstorm 2013, Day One (Tuesday 19 March)

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Strategic Growth Opportunities for a Hyper-Connected World. Presentations from the Digital Economy stream of the New Digital Economics Brainstorm, 19th March 2013, in San Francisco.

0830 Welcome, Introductions & Warm Up

Host: Andrew Collinson, COO/Research Director, STL Partners/Telco 2.0

Moderator: Simon Torrance, CEO, STL Partners/Telco 2.0

0900 Digital Transformation

Chris Barraclough, MD & Chief Strategist, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (download here)

Richard Kramer, Managing Director, Arete Research (download here)

Innovation Showcase: Robert Harles, Global Head Social Media, Bloomberg (download here) 


1300 Digital Consumer: The New Mobile Battleground

Justin Denison, Chief Strategy Officer, Samsung USA (Presentation unavailable)

Bill Gajda, Global Head, Mobile Product, Visa Inc. (download here)

Daniel Cohen, SVP, Buongiorno (Dada Entertainment) (download here)

1530 Digital Infrastructure: The Impact of 4G, Software Defined Networks 

& the Cloud

Surya Panditi, SVP and General Manager, Service Provider Networking Group, Cisco (download here)

Alex Jinivizian, Head of Strategy, Verizon Enterprise Solutions (download here)

Robert Brace, Senior Analyst, Cloud Services, STL Partners/Telco 2.0 (download here)

1700 The 'Digital Me'

Marc Davis, Microsoft Online Services; Member, Global ICT Agenda Council, World Economic Forum (Presentation available upon request, please email )