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Digital Things 2.0: Report and Analysis of the EMEA 2012 Event

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Digital Things 2.0: The findings of the fourth Digital Things 2.0 Executive Brainstorm, part of the New Digital Economics EMEA event held in London on June 12-13. The Brainstorm explored the challenges and opportunities in the M2M market, the Internet of Things, service enablement platforms, and the importance of data analytics.

Digital Things 2.0: Event Summary Analysis Presentation

Part of the New Digital Economics Executive Brainstorm series, the Digital Things 2.0 event took place at the Grange St. Pauls Hotel, London on the 13th June. It looked at telcos’ role in the emerging Internet of Things, strategies for effective M2M deployment and the evolution of service enablement platforms for M2M. Building on the 18th Telco 2.0 event held on 12th June, the Digital Things 2.0 event ran alongside events on Digital Commerce 2.0 and Cloud 2.0 

Using a widely-acclaimed interactive format called ‘Mindshare’, the event enabled specially-invited senior executives from across the communications, media, banking and technology sectors to discuss opportunities, challenges, and practical experiences.

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Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Executive Summary
  • Cellular Networks and the “Internet of Things”
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Voting, feedback, discussion
  • Key takeaways
  • M2M Strategies and Business Models
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Key takeaways
  • M2M Platforms and the Connected Business
  • Stimulus presentations
  • Key takeaways
  • About STL Partners

Table of Figures:

  • Table of Figures
  • Figure 1: Smart Cities – cross-sector integration in M2M
  • Figure 2: The key elements of an SES platform
  • Figure 3: Future MENA M2M markets
  • Figure 4: When the “M” in M2M is a software agent
  • Figure 5: Sizing the M2M future
  • Figure 6: Comparing M2M technologies
  • Figure 7: Key barrier: demonstrating the business case
  • Figure 8: The operator as “platform innovator”
  • Figure 9: Designing a multi-sided business model for M2M
  • Figure 10: Everything Everywhere’s global roaming M2M product
  • Figure 11: Why M2M is coming of age
  • Figure 12: Everything Everywhere’s view on the future telco M2M role
  • Figure 13: DTAG sees most growth in full-service M2M solutions
  • Figure 14: Deutsche Telekom strategy overview
  • Figure 15: Operators could be a key sales and marketing channel
  • Figure 16: Mixed enthusiasm for service enabler platforms
  • Figure 17: The evolution of ESCO and lessons for M2M
  • Figure 18: Zones of Opportunity for ESCO/xSCO business models
  • Figure 19: M2M is always sector-specific
  • Figure 20: The platform in the automotive industry
  • Figure 21: Towards an M2M ISP?
  • Figure 22: Identifying telcos’ advantages in M2M